Thin Slate Stone is Natural Stone Veneer that can be glued to many different indoor and outdoor surfaces. Thin Slate Stone's light weight and flexibility is appropriate for many applications such as wall paneling, Cladding on the buildings vertical and horizontal surfaces not previously considered for stone due to weight and / or flaking issues.

  • Architectural

  • Interior & Exterior

  • Doors & Cabinets

  • Furniture

  • Trim & Backsplashes

  • Marine & RV

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Flooring

  • Signage 


Thin Slate Stone is a Natural Stone Veneer lamination with smooth black backing. It is produced with a fleece backing in black color having a seam in the middle which appear when the light is passed through it. 


Thin Slate Stone Veneer is a Natural Stone Veneer, color & texture variations are the property of the material. Texture variations with color difference are a inherent part of the natural beauty of quarried material. Stone Veneer can not be guaranteed to match with each Lot, it is recommended that material should be accepted in lots of 20,40,50 sheets to match. Large orders will be executed in bundles of 50 with 2-3 matching lots in each bundle. Exceptions of large lots are also a possibility. 


Thin Slate Stone is used for wall panel on MDF, HDF board's application, furniture, woodworking machines, round column cladding and numerous interior and exterior applications. Thin slate stone veneer is also recommended for flooring or countertop applications after sealing the surface of the stone veneer with epoxy sealers to avoid scratches & abrasion. Polyurethane sealers can also be used if stone veneer is used for domestic applications. Stone Veneer can directly be glued to concrete floors and walls with the help of epoxy and other PU glues

Thin Slate Stone Veneer may be used in illumination application such as lamp shades or back light applications as translucent material or the other translucency applications. 


Stone Veneer has natural stone surface layer surface which acts as a UV light or UV rays protector and will resist high sun conditions for years. When it is glued to a substrate, Slate Stone veneer will handle high thermal contraction and or expansions of most standard construction materials. Thin Slate Stone Veneer will handle both high temperatures and freezing without cracking. 


Thin Slate Stone can be applied to MDF, HDF boards, Styro Foam sheets, melamine, concrete, brick, concrete blocks & slabs, mortar plastered walls, drywall, plywood, acrylic and other plastic sheets. 


Diamond blades used for marble & stone cutting can be used for cutting Thin Slate Stone Veneer. Metal cutting tools also can be used to cut the Stone Veneer. Any standard carbide or diamond saw blades would work just as well.


Thin Slate Stone Veneer can be bent with same flexibility as any plastic sheet product. The backing used gives it enough strength and flexibility. Thin Slate Stone Veneer can be bent in concave & convex forms, or arched or radial forms depending on the nature of curve. Thin Slate Stone Veneer can be bent or flexed to a radius of 380mm along the 1200mm length. The 600mm width will also have a slight flex to it, but is not recommended for bending. Due to the nature of the different thickness of the individual items, the degree of radius varies per item. We recommend testing the flex of the considered item prior to final installation. 






Thin Slate Stone Veneer can be glued to surfaces using most standard laminate adhesives having a thick body or foaming quality. Prior to application of the glue clean, brush and de-grease the receiving surface or dust, oils or any other contaminants. In same installations, and depending upon the adhesive used, it may be necessary to prepare the back of the thin Slate Stone veneer with solvent or recommended primer by the adhesive manufacture. We recommend making a test area with any adhesive prior to final application. 


Stone-Veneer has a natural, rough split surface with a tolerance of up to 2 mm. Thickness equalizing additions protect the veneers from being damaged. Proven are 7 mm thick rubber plates with a shore grade of 50 and a temperature Resistance of at least + 80?C. It is important that the rubber matt has an insulating effect, so that the press time can be therefore extended. Pending on the adhesive type and press temperature of 80?C, press time approximately 6 minutes. Depending on the press configuration, the pressure has to be carefully set. 


Knowledge of the special adhesives, and the respective surface for which they are recommended, is critical in obtaining superior installation when using Thin Slate Stone veneer. We recommend testing the selected adhesive prior to proceeding with installation. Humidity and temperature of the environment is to be evaluated first. If the application is outdoors, consideration to thermal expansion should be taken into account. Thin slate Stone is a veneer, it must expand and contract which is recommended by the adhesive manufacturer, the bond must be tested by the installer prior to final installation. 

Recommended types of adhesives & fillers:

  • Polyester-based gap filler putties
  • Epoxies
  • Silicone (with primer only) 
  • Polyurethane wood glues
  •  Thick latex-type adhesive, thin set etc. (uses only where air-drying can take place)
  • Construction grade multi-purpose adhesives (eg. Liquid Nails or PL Premium Polyurethane or

Note: The back of Thin Slate Stone Veneer may require a filler-type adhesive in some cases. Polyurethane wood glues work well for most applications to fill gaps. For wet environment such as shower and bathroom applications, the use of epoxy is best.


Note: Pressure sensitive adhesives are also recommended due to the even backing of the Thin Slate Stone Veneer. Now Pressure sensitive glues are applied on the back of Thin Slate Stone Veneer and is supplied with the paper cover to use it as peel and stick material ready to use


Thin Slate Stone Veneer can be used to create a tiled effect by leaving a grout joint between cut pieces of material. Test results have shown the use of water-based epoxy grouts work well to fill between the cut veneers. By removing the material just under the grout joint, a deeper grout can be achieved if desired. Epoxy grouts are available in many colors to match or co-ordinate with the different colors of Thin Slate Stone. On final clean up of the epoxy with a sponge, the epoxy can also be used to seal and fill the Thin Slate Stone surface. It is recommended in this installation that the entire surface of the Thin Slate Stone be sealed with epoxy as a final step to ensure complete satisfaction.


Thin Slate Stone Veneer can be sealed in the similar manner as most slate and / or stone tiles are sealed. Please follow manufacturer's instructions for best results. As sealants are offered in varying degrees of luster or sheen, we recommended that you confirm the reflectance prior to complete installation to get the desired effect. 


Test Method: US Code of Federal Regulations Part 1500.44, Title 16 

            Flammability  test on rigid and pliable solids: Pass

            Sample  Burning Rate (inch/sec.)

            Polyester Resin Based Metalized Panel        0.004 

*A sample is considered to have passed the test if the burning rate is not more then 0.10 inch per second.

Test Method: As specified in AOAC 16th Ed. Section 973.32 & 973.82

Polyester resin-based metalized panel / bowl 

Lead & Cadmium content in earthenware quantilation by AAS: PASS

SGS Laboratory No.   Extract, Volume (||)  Lead, ppm (mg/L)  Cadmium, ppm (mg/L) 
14324  2.0  <1.0  <0.25
14324  2.0  <1.0  <0.25
14324  2.0  <1.0  <0.25
14324  2.0  <1.0  <0.25
14324  2.0  <1.0  <0.25
14324  2.0  <1.0  <0.25
Limit for FDA (any one of six)     1.0 ppm 0.25

             1. <         = less then
             2. mg / L  = milligrams per litter
             3. ppm     = parts per million


Conclusion: The client submitted samples described above comply with the leachable lead and cadmium requirements of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Test Method: Nitric Acid digestion and analyzed by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.
Test Sample: 04249 stone/Slate on Resin 12?2 tile size 6 x 12 

To determine the soluble Heave Metal contents in accordance with the European Standard
EN 71 part 3.1994+

 A1:2000 - Migration of certain elements

Migration of Certain Element                 04249                                      Limit
Soluble Lead (pb), mg/kg                     12.7                                         90 mg/kg
Soluble Antimony (sb), mg/kg               <5                                           60 mg/kg
Soluble Arsenic (As), mg/kg                 0.2                                           25 mg/kg
Soluble Barium (Ba), mg/kg                  <0.5                                        1000 mg/kg
Soluble cadmium (Cd), mg/kg               <0.5                                         75 mg/kg
Soluble Chromium (Cr), mg/kg               7.5                                          60 mg/kg
Soluble Mercury (Hg), mg/kg                <0.5                                         60 mg/kg
Soluble Selenium (Se), mg/kg               <0.5                                         500 MG/KG 

Methodology: with reference to EN 71 Part 3.1994 +             A1:2000 by inductively coupled argon
plasma (ICP-OES)Analysis                              04249

Lead (Pb), ppm                                            ND (None detected) detection limit for Pb is 5.0 ppm 



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