Technical Data Sheet


Test Method: US Code of Federal Regulations Part 1500.44, Title 16 

            Flammability  test on rigid and pliable solids: Pass

            Sample  Burning Rate (inch/sec.)

            Polyester Resin Based Metalized Panel        0.004 

*A sample is considered to have passed the test if the burning rate is not more then 0.10 inch per second.

Test Method: As specified in AOAC 16th Ed. Section 973.32 & 973.82

Polyester resin-based metalized panel / bowl 

Lead & Cadmium content in earthenware quantilation by AAS: PASS

SGS Laboratory No.   Extract, Volume (||)  Lead, ppm (mg/L)  Cadmium, ppm (mg/L) 
14324  2.0  <1.0  <0.25
14324  2.0  <1.0  <0.25
14324  2.0  <1.0  <0.25
14324  2.0  <1.0  <0.25
14324  2.0  <1.0  <0.25
14324  2.0  <1.0  <0.25
Limit for FDA (any one of six)     1.0 ppm 0.25

             1. <         = less then
             2. mg / L  = milligrams per litter
             3. ppm     = parts per million


Conclusion: The client submitted samples described above comply with the leachable lead and cadmium requirements of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Test Method: Nitric Acid digestion and analyzed by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.
Test Sample: 04249 stone/Slate on Resin 12?2 tile size 6 x 12 

To determine the soluble Heave Metal contents in accordance with the European Standard
EN 71 part 3.1994+

 A1:2000 - Migration of certain elements

Migration of Certain Element                 04249                                      Limit
Soluble Lead (pb), mg/kg                     12.7                                         90 mg/kg
Soluble Antimony (sb), mg/kg               <5                                           60 mg/kg
Soluble Arsenic (As), mg/kg                 0.2                                           25 mg/kg
Soluble Barium (Ba), mg/kg                  <0.5                                        1000 mg/kg
Soluble cadmium (Cd), mg/kg               <0.5                                         75 mg/kg
Soluble Chromium (Cr), mg/kg               7.5                                          60 mg/kg
Soluble Mercury (Hg), mg/kg                <0.5                                         60 mg/kg
Soluble Selenium (Se), mg/kg               <0.5                                         500 MG/KG 

Methodology: with reference to EN 71 Part 3.1994 +             A1:2000 by inductively coupled argon
plasma (ICP-OES)Analysis                              04249

Lead (Pb), ppm                                            ND (None detected) detection limit for Pb is 5.0 ppm 



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